Warbases - AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN Tokens

One of my main sources of difficulty, when I first started playing TooFatLardies' games, were that of working out what cards and tokens I needed, and then either sourcing or making same.  When I designed AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN, I was determined to make that step easier for those buying the rules.  The cards are bundled, as printable PDFs, with the rules, as is a useable, but not very attractive or robust, set of tokens.  I had a chat with Martin at Warbases a few weeks ago, and he offered to produce sets of tokens, in laser-cut acrylic, for the game.


They come in two colours, red and blue (which fits in with the 'colour-coding', scattered throughout the rules!).  In each set (red or blue), you get five each of the four circular 'Order Chits' (Advance, Attack, Hold, Retire) and ten each of the 'Tokens' (Impetuous, Pila, Disordered, Shaken, Fleeing).  The order chits are 20mm (¾") in diameter, whilst the markers are 25mm (1") across.  They are, I believe, £14 per set, and only available from Warbases - I don't see them in the webshop, so you may need to drop Martin an email.

Copyright © Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010