Wargames Manufacturers

  • Armorum & Aquila
    Manufacturers of 28mm 'ancients'. Of particular interest to me are the Middle Imperial Romans and Sassanid Persians.
  • Artizan Designs
    Another manufacturer of fine quality 28mm figures.
  • Aventine Miniatures
    A fairly new company, concentrating, it seems on Rome and her enemies. Uses the sculptor who sculpted the 3rd Century Romans for A&A Miniatures.
  • Crusader Miniatures - Home Page
    Yet more 28mm gorgeousness. Sometime I am going to get myself a Byzantine army from Crusader.
  • Dice Shop Online
    A good place to buy dice - any colour, any shape, including ones you've probably never even thought of!
  • Gripping Beast
    Manufacturers of a huge range of 28mm wargames figures - and the Beasties are fine chaps to boot!
  • Little Big Men Studios
    Without the efforts of Steve Hales, my figures wouldn't look half as good.
  • Miniature Design Studio
    A fairly new kid on the block. Nicely sculpted figures, and if you buy a 'Warband Deal' they're excellent value for money!
  • Monolith Designs
    Steve Mussared produces some of the finest wargames buildings - well detailed, and beautfully cast.
  • Musketeer Miniatures
    Bill has a relatively small range of figures, but they are some of the nicest out there.
  • Perry Miniatures
    Run by the inimitable Perry twins, their figures are both sublime and ridiculous - whoever heard of anyone wanting to wargame the First Carlist War?
  • Sloppy Jalopy
    With a name like Sloppy Jalopy, who could resist these lovely vehicles?
  • The Army Painter
    A complete 'system' for painting figures quickly. If you've got a mountain of lead to paint, these guys will supply what you need to make short work of it!
  • TimeCast
    If you want buildings in the smaller scales, TimeCast ought to be the first place you look. Superb scale models of buildings.
  • TooFatLardies
    Rich Clarke & Co write some of the finest rules out there, and have a terrific sense of humour too!
  • Warbases
    Makers of MDF bases in all shapes and sizes!
  • Wargames Foundry
    Vast ranges. Oldies, but goodies. Prices (and postage) can be high, but wait for a sale, and buy plenty so postage is free!
  • Warlord Games
    This has to be my favourite wargames figure manufacturer - Early Imperial Romans and Ancient Britons: wargaming heaven!

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010