If you find any errors in the rules, please post them here as comments, and I'll check them out, and note them for possible inclusion in a later version of the rules.

Rules Questions

If you have questions about the rules, please post them here as comments! I'll try to answer them in a timely manner, though I am busy with 'real life' a lot of the time, so replies may not always be instant.

Launch Day!

Today is launch day! You can purchase the rules from the Too Fat Lardies website. You can also download a zip file of 'printable' files from this site. Within that zip file, you'll find a selection of useful 'goodies'. There are two files of cards: the first is the common cards you need for every deck; the second is a fillable PDF 'form' to allow you to create cards for the commanders in your army, depending on their level, which part of the army they're commanding, etc. There's a set of markers; the best way to deal with these, in my experience, is to print them off, laminate them, and then cut them up with scalpel and straight edge. There's a roster sheet, to print off and fill in with the attributes of each unit in your army. Lastly, the there's a quick reference sheet. If you were being a mean, thieving, so-and-so, you could just download that and try to play the game, but I don't recommend it - it contains all you need to play once you know the rules, but you're unlikely to get a good game without knowing the rules - it lacks definitions for all sorts of things, and the details of the rules themselves, though it is handy once you know the rules and definitions.

Keep your eyes peeled - I may well produce additional downloadable files of things I've found useful in my own games.

So, off you go and buy a copy!

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010