Here we have a variety of clutter from Ainsty Castings, which I picked up at Triples last weekend.


This stuff is well worth buying - it's pretty nicely cast, with not too many air-bubbles and reasonable detail. I don't think tea chests are actually appropriate for the setting, but given that this is Old West Hollywood-style, I don't really care - they're big enough to provide obstacles and view blocks, and they look fairly reasonable.

So, that is finished, and now it's a case of what next? I could build the bank - big, complicicicatified, and a fun thing for games. I've also got water-tower, wind pump and blacksmith's to build (and paint). The latter three are all from Sarissa Precision, and are more 'scratch-aid' kits than the 4Ground stuff - they'll take quite a bit of work - not least because, unlike the 4Ground stuff, they are very much 'single-sided'. That doesn't matter too much with the wind pump and water-tower, but will have me scratching my head with the blacksmiths. But having said that, once the work is done, I'm sure they'll look great too.

I've also got a lot of fencing to make - but still haven't decided how to base that up, given that I want it to be easy/compact to store, and yet be easy to set up. I'd quite like to make up 'back yards' but they'll be bulky, unless I can figure out a way of making the fences 'removable' so they 'flat-pack'.

And I've got more figures (Injuns and cavalry) and a variety of transport - stage-coach, wagons etc. But I don't really feel like doing much painting - much more in the mood for building a structure.

Ho, hum, what to do?

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