Here are theGreat Escape GamesBanditos, which I finished off first thing this morning.


I went to the Sheffield 'Triples' show at the weekend, and acquired various 'odds and ends' of clutter for the town.Stagecoach, tethered horses, a couple more water-troughs, and a host of different bits of 'baggage' and stuff for the shops to sell.Ainsty Castings' 'Trade Goods' are rather nice, as is the stuff from Great Escape Games and 4Ground…


The lads from 4Ground have sent me a bank too, which I'm probably going to build next.


It's a complicated-looking beast - the interior with the tellers' positions and the vault, will make for a complex build. It's crying out to be furnished too - the offices and other rooms are all panelled and fully finished apart from furniture. It'll be great for bank robbery scenarios - something like the James-Younger gang's raid on Northfield Minnesota could be fun to play out.

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