I have, over a period of several months, been working on a couple of additions to the rules. The first covers the use of what we might call 'field engineering' - ditches, palisades, caltrops and other such obstacles, designed to hinder an enemy's advance. The second, slightly more controversial, addition concerns religion. Now, whatever our own views on religion, it would be hard to deny that the ancient Romans and their contemporaries lived in a very different era, one in which gods, demons, spirits were the subject of fervent belief and superstition. Whether or not they really exist(ed) is beside the point - the simple fact is that people believed that they did, and good and bad 'omens' could (and did) have a big impact on the way people acted. With this in mind, I have written some simple guidelines to how the use of omens or auguries could be used to influence your games.

These two additions are available, bundled together as a single zip file, containing both 'tablet' and 'printable' versions, from here.

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010