Western Figures

Two 'gangs' of figures for Great Escape Games' 'Dead Man's Hand'. First up are the Cowboys.


Then we have the Outlaws.


These are probably the last photos taken with my Fujifilm HS20EXR on this blog, because I have sold it to a friend. It's a good camera, but it doesn't really suit me. I must be a bit thick, because it's taken me almost two years and five thousand shots to work this out! I'm going to replace it with a dSLR - either a Nikon D5200 or (possibly more likely - at least the way I feel this evening!) a Sony SLT-A65. They're very similar, and each would probably suit me very well, but each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages - it's just a matter of weighing up which will suit me better.

I've really enjoyed painting these Old West figures, though they're a fiddle because they're all different - unlike a cohort of Romans or whatever! More to come sometime soonish, including more buildings from 4Ground.

On my workbench now are the Roman cataphracts from Aventine Miniatures - all assembled and primed. Hopefully I'll be able to start painting them sometime tomorrow!

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