This is going to be good...

This weekend (Sunday actually) is 'The Other Partizan MMX' at Kelham Hall near Newark on Trent. Col Speirs and I are putting on a demo game, using 'AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN' and my collection of Sassanid Persians and 3rd Century Romans. I hope to see some of you there - please do come and say hello!

Before that though, Col and I are heading to Nottingham. We're visiting John Stallard, late of GW, now Warlord Games, where we're going to be playing another game with my figures, along with Henry Hyde, Duncan Macfarlane, Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore, and various other members of the Nottingham Wargaming Mafia. The aim of the game is to have fun, but also to get some photos for publication.

Warlord are feeding us, and putting us up in an hotel. It all sounds rather grander than my usual Partizan weekend - kipping on a floor (or in a bed if I'm really lucky) in the Newark area, and getting up at silly o'-clock in the morning to go and lug tables around. Instead, we'll be getting up at silly o'clock in the morning to go and set up the game! It has to be said though, that staying in an hotel, comfortable though it will doubtless be, won't compare, for camaraderie, to playing DBA on Steve Jones' kitchen table!

So I'll catch up with you all next week, I hope. And hopefully, I'll be able to post an 'illustrated' battle report.

Keith, of Aventine Miniatures, very kindly sent me a small package, with a sample of some 'spear-armed' Principes for my 'early' manipular army. They look, as you'd expect from Aventine, simply beautiful. I wanted a proportion of my Principes to be a bit more 'aggressive', so they've made some arms thrusting with spears to add to some of the figures which are made to have separate arms.

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