I have had a year or so of being unable to gain write access to this blog - for which I apologise, for what it's worth.


It has been a difficult year since the last entry, for a number of reasons - not least, losing my father, and three other friends and relatives, during the early months of 2015. My painting 'mojo' has been largely absent in the interim. I did do quite a lot of work on my 'Old West' project - and once I know this is all working properly again, I may set in and build a photo gallery of my progress on that.

Recently though, I have re-found my interest in Pyrrhus' campaigns in Italy, and have begun to think about wargaming this period again. And my painting 'mojo' has returned - I have painted a few units recently, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Last weekend, I painted the Pyrrhic foot command stand you see above. More photos will follow shortly, all being well, as will more painting!

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