Desert Ruins

I found these ruins in my loft a couple of weeks ago… I bought them about ten years ago, and lost them in the loft. They resurfaced whilst I was looking for something else.


They're made by Monolith Designs. Steve Mussared, the owner, is one of the hobby's unsung 'good guys'… He's friendly, helpful, and supplies stuff very reliably (and quickly). For some reason, he has a bad reputation on The Miniatures Page - I suspect one of his competitors 'has it in for him' and has some 'sock puppet' accounts. Not surprising I suppose - Steve's products are of really good quality, but about a third of the price of most of the competition!

The castings are pretty good - not many bubbles or blobs, and well detailed. I scratch-built the partial upper floors, which aren't supplied, from plasticard and strip. Painting was a simple base coat and drybrush. The bases are 3mm MDF, with Woodland Scenics fine ballast and 'talus' - painted the same colours as the houses, so the houses blend in and appear to be 'mud brick'.

They come highly recommended.

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010