Here's the bar, as it stands so far.It just needs the roof dealing with and it'll be finished. The roof is what I'm undecided on - it's too shallow, with a pitch of about 1 - 20, for shingles. I'm not sure I want to use 'plain' tar paper. Apparently some flat roofs had tar paper, but then an inch or two of sand over the top to help provide fire-proofing - you'd probably get some small clumps of grass growing too. That sounds like a decent idea I think?


The windows have plain 'glass' in them - makes quite a difference to the appearance, because of the reflections. I might go back and retro-fit glass in the earlier buildings - it'd be easy to glue a bit of clear Plastikard behind the frames. It'd also not be beyond the wit of man to have the odd pane missing (and boarded over), or the odd cracked one - quite easy to score some cracks in!

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