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Here is another of 4Ground's splendid 'Dead Man's Hand' buildings. Apologies for the poor quality photograph - I'm using Linda's little 'point and shoot' camera, which doesn't do very well at this sort of thing! I'll replace the photo once I get my new camera. The roof is another variant on the 'tar paper' theme - this time held in place with wooden battens (actually made from thick card).

The sign is a better match for the building in real life - the camera flash seems to have given it a colour cast - perhaps because of the different reflectivity of ink on paper as opposed to paint on MDF or something. I made my, now usual, improvements to the model - painting in the 'cut edges' (using 4Ground's 'Base Paints' - which are a great match, unsurprisingly), making the interior doors operate, etc.

4Ground have been very good to me. I ordered a few sheets of their shingles to use on these buildings. First of all there was a delay because they needed to cut some more sheets, then they sent me the wrong ones. To make up for it, they've sent me a huge pile of what they describe as 'off-cuts' - which seem to be complete sheets - the only drawback being that a lot of the parts are 'loose' and apt to 'float away' when you pick the sheet up. Not really a hardship - it saves cutting the tabs. That means that I've easily got enough shingles for the rest of the project… And a few more besides. Thanks lads!

Now, what next? I've got enough Middle Imperial Roman infantry for one more unit of auxilia, which I want to paint 'sometime' to 'complete' that project (and use up the last of that part of the 'lead mountain'. I've got the rest of the box-full of 4Ground buildings. I've got more 'Dead Man's Hand' figures from Great Escape Games, plus some of their rather nice resin cacti and two sets of casualties. Spoilt for choice!

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010