Three weeks ago today, I asked Paul at Warlord Games to send me a package with a few items in - a couple of 'Architects of War' sets - "Buckets and Barrels" and "Siege Tools", some wire spears and a pot of 'dip'. A few days later, Paul 'phoned to ask if it had arrived - several packages sent the same day hadn't. Nope, neither had mine. So we hung on a bit, assuming it would turn up, sooner or later. Two weeks passed and it didn't arrive. So this Tuesday, they sent it again, by First Class Recorded Delivery. It's Friday afternoon now, and I haven't had it. I can't finish off the Bombard (need the Architects of War stuff) , I can't finish off the Hastati (need the 'dip'), and i can't start any of the other Republican Roman infantry, because they need the spears. To say I am frustrated is a severe understatement. Paul is gnashing what's left of his teeth. It can't be that hard, surely, to transport a package from Nottingham to Lancaster - can it? Especially when, like Royal Mail, that is what you do to earn a crust.

So, no photos of Aventine Miniatures' lovely Republican Roman Hastati because, thanks to Royal Mail, they aren't finished.

In good news, those of you who may have been fancying building 3rd Century Roman, or Sassanid Persian armies, following on from my lead, you might like to know that, during the month of October, A&A Miniatures are adding two figures to each pack of infantry and archers - so you get ten figures for the price of eight! There couldn't be a better time to start an army... Or expand an existing one... Oh, that'd be me then! Where's my debit card?

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